NICO at Home with Chloe Borich

NICO at Home with Chloe Borich

How was the shoot for you?

It was very laid-back. I asked my friend Maggie to come over one morning to take photos of me in my underwear and here we are. I've actually just moved out of this apartment, but I'll always remember it fondly for its abundant natural light and vast rooftop that provided the perfect home for my edible garden. 

NICO at Home with Chloe BorichNICO at Home with Chloe Borich

What does self-care look like for you?

On an individual level I find solace in getting out for a walk (and ideally a swim) first thing in the morning, reminding myself to do yoga, eating pasta, drinking good wine and saying 'no' when I find myself on the verge of being overcommitted. Although I firmly believe that self-care is not only about tending to yourself, but to the people around you and the community you live in.

How does sustainability play a role in your daily routines?

I grew up on 80 acres of Land For Wildlife and have always felt an acute awareness about the ethical consequences that my everyday actions may have on both the environment and on people less privileged than myself. From the food that I consume, to the skincare and make-up I use, to the clothes I wear, I try to live my life as consciously as possible — and also recognise that there's plenty more I could be doing better. While there's definitely some fatigue around the word 'sustainability', it's always refreshing to discover brands and businesses who are using it in new and meaningful ways. 

NICO at Home with Chloe Borich

Between the gallery, curating and writing, what does a typical day look like for you?

Working with artists means that there's almost no such thing as a typical day, which is what I love most about my job as Gallery Associate at Jerico Contemporary. Some days are focussed on developing sales and social media strategies or planning events and brand partnerships, others I'm interviewing our artists and writing their exhibition essays, or climbing ladders to paint walls and install a show. One of my favourite things to do is visit our artists in their studios with the gallery director Jerico, which I can't wait to do more of now that lockdown is over. Outside of the gallery, I write freelance for a number of publications and creative businesses with a focus on art and fashion. Once I do the fun stuff like interviews with artists and designers on Zoom, the rest of the day is accompanied by multiple snacks and beverages while I cross my legs one way and then the other. I can't write without listening to my 'Focus' playlist or Grouper on repeat. 

Your work explores the interrelation between art and fashion, what is it about these themes that fascinate you, and how are they reflected in your creative pursuits?

Art and fashion are inherently tied to one another. I've always been fascinated about why people have to compare them as the same thing in order to see or value them at all and the hierarchical disparities (and similarities) between the two industries. Fashion has long struggled to be viewed as an intellectual pursuit, however textiles are such a potent medium that we can all relate to and learn about numerous world issues — whether they be social, cultural, political or environmental. Through my work, I place focus on the depth and texture that clothing can communicate in the context of art. 

Tell us about something you're working on that’s inspiring you right now?

I'm currently in the middle of curating my first group show at Jerico Contemporary, 'Limbs'. It opens on Thursday 25th November 2021, everyone should come along. 

NICO at Home with Chloe Borich