NICO at Home with Beverly




Lis: The idea of having a photoshoot in your underwear can be a daunting prospect. How did you find the experience?
Bev: I love and have read all of your At Home stories and one night after too much wine reached out to you offering up my ‘services’ only to be taken aback when you took me up on it! I felt quite vulnerable before the shoot, but let myself go and then was swept away by the creativity of it all and the comfort and security of your incredibly soft, elegant wears. 
Lis: We’re big believers in the connection between being comfortable and confident and what it means to really be sexy. What does sexy mean to you?
Bev: Sexy is a sly, mischievous secret that I have with myself. It is an inner knowing that I am capable and strong yet soft and beautiful. A wink wink.
Lis: How has your relationship with yourself evolved over time?
Bev: I never would have considered this shoot in my younger years even though my body was in much better shape than it is now in my 50’s, but I feel the most comfortable I ever have to date. I think that is all figured out for us naturally and part of the plan but wish it would come earlier! I am deeply grateful to be healthy and to feel peaceful inside. That wasn’t always the case. Self acceptance has been instrumental.
Lis: You work in the art world both having had your own gallery and representing artists in New York. What draws you to that world and what do you look for in the artists you represent and collect?
Bev: The fact that someone takes an idea and transforms it into a material object charged with meaning thrills and fascinates me. I look for authenticity, sincerity, innovation and zeitgeist in the artists I work with and collect.
Lis: You’re from New York but spending time in Brisbane at the moment. When you travel, how do you immerse yourself in a new city?
Bev: I get on a bike and explore! And I’m always asking strangers questions which usually leads to adventures.
I love to do local things like farmers markets and try new yoga studios, go to art openings and small movie houses. And I take the train and bus instead of Uber or taxis.
Lis: Top things to pack when travelling?
Bev: NICO items(now!) in the great bags they come in
Everyday Oil, from a farm near where I live on Long Island
Really thick cotton sweat pants
Emmanuels Book
Can of sardines for hunger attacks
Cashmere hat
Men’s white t shirts
Lis: Where to next?
Bev: After 5 months away, home sweet home!
Art seen throughout: 
Revolution Poster by Maya Schindler 
Collages by Jeff Feld 
Un-Paintings by Greg Fadell @gregfadell