NICO at Home with Cecilia





We shared a warm, sleepy afternoon at home with Cecilia. It was kind of blissful and we got chatting about the importance of sleep and the role it plays in our mental health.

Lis: So we've just finished the shoot, I’m feeling sleepy, I know you’re feeling sleepy, it ended up being a really sleepy kind of shoot, which was nice.

Cecilia: It was nice!

Lis: But it got me thinking about the idea of comfort and being relaxed at home which is a big part of what we’re about at NICO and how sleep plays a role in that. Do you find it’s something that’s important for you?

Cecilia: 100%. I think some people seem to need more sleep than others - I think that I do. I find I really need that down time and even just alone time to process things. 

Lis: And so that’s become a priority for you in your life?

Cecilia: I think so, I think it’s important that it is a priority and that you do it right. You need to have a routine - I guess it’s that idea of self love, self care. 

Lis: So have you set yourself any particular routines or is there anything you do to take care of your mental health?

Cecilia: Yeah, I think it’s really important to wind down, turn your phone onto that dim light. I have a little diffuser with essential oils which is great.

Lis: Good tip!

Cecilia: Yeah, I work in a bar at night so I really need to prioritise sleep. I think a lot of people feel guilty about sleeping too much but I think it’s one of those things you really have to prioritise. 

Lis: For sure. Do you notice it affects your mood if you don’t get enough sleep?

Ceclilia: Yeah, it affects everything. So many mental health problems are linked to a lack of sleep. If I get home from work at 6am it’s so hard to get back into a normal rhythm. I’ve got this week off and I feel so much better!

Lis: I find if I don’t get enough sleep I can feel really anxious and little problems turn into big problems.

Cecilia: For sure.

Lis: Well, I feel like we should both go have a nap now then. 

Cecilia: Great.

Plenty of research links poor sleep habits to depression, anxiety and other serious mental health issues so it’s definitely something to pay attention to. The National Sleep Foundation has some tips for healthy sleep patterns here.