NICO at Home with Gabrielle, Dominique and Olivia


Lis: How was the shoot for you?

Gabby: The shoot was really fun! You made me comfortable and very relaxed. Because I've seen all your other NICO at Home shoots, I knew you were representing real women in their element and I was excited to be part of that.

Lis: What do you love and value most about Liv and Dom?

Gabby:  The fact that no matter what happens in the world, I know that I have their love and support. Family and sisters are for life and we are there for each other through the good times and the bad.

Lis: What’s your favourite thing about Kahlil?

Gabby: Seeing the joy he takes in discovering the little things reminds me to take in the magic of life, be mindful in every moment and savour each little kiss on the head or neck nuzzle because they grow so quickly!

Lis: What does self care look like for you?

Gabby: At the moment... brushing my hair once a week! But generally putting music on and dancing in the kitchen, pottering around the garden, and having long, animated dinners with friends and family is really what makes me feel great!

Lis: As the curator of (my favourite!) organic store Organics at Marcia’s you see so many brands who are operating in the sustainability space. What are you looking for in the products you choose to stock in the store?

Gabby: I really want to support the passionate small businesses that make up our community so I'm always looking for things that are locally made and have care and attention put into the ingredients. You can get lots of health foods that have been imported but South East Queensland has so many passionate individuals creating epic products and I want to show that to the world.

Lis: How does sustainability play a part in your day to day routines? 

Gabby: Trying to simplify my life and being resourceful by using what I already have. Fixing things that are broken and making things from scratch with my hands gives me great pleasure and is a creative outlet.

Lis: What are your hopes for the future?

Gabby: I hope that humans learn to fall back in love with nature again. To realise that we come from nature and are still a part of nature. Holding nature sacred and respecting the delicate web of life will remind us about our physical and spiritual connection to mother earth.


Lis: How was the shoot for you?

Liv: If it wasn't for my sisters being there I would have been so much more nervous! The shoot came at a time that, in my view, is not the best my body has looked, yet for the first I am least worried about that either. I feel good about who I am and the shoot really cemented that for me, so thank you for asking me to be a part of it. 

Lis: What do you love and value most about Gabby and Dom?

Liv: What I love about them both is their individuality and strength. We have an extreme closeness but are also three different women. We accept each other without judgement. They have always been my closest friends and we have the same sense of humour so it's a good time to have a laugh. At the end of the day,I know that they would be there for me for anything.

Lis: What do you love about being an Auntie?

Liv: Having grown up as the youngest sister, many defining moments in life happened with either or both of my sisters. I trust them so much. Being close to them as they became mothers has taught me so much. When they made me an Auntie they gave me the little siblings that I never had. I get to care for my nieces and nephew like a big sister, the same way that my sisters care for me, and I’m so grateful for that responsibility. 

Lis: What does self care look like for you?

Liv: In all honesty it goes through stages of non-existence. Life is busy so I try to find self care in even the smallest things that generally relate to my mental state. Being aware of not carrying guilt or feeling ashamed is a big one! I’m also trying to look after myself by not taking on other people's problems. When I want to nourish myself, I do so through food. Sourcing produce and filling the fridge is my way of knowing there are good times to come. I also love the ritual of sitting down with a good glass of wine and something to read. 

Lis: You are renowned in the industry for your work as a sommelier. What attracted you to working with wine?

Liv: Well, thank you! I am very grateful to work with something that I love so much. Wine is such a wonderful and thoughtful process. It drew me in for its diversity. There is agriculture, science, culture, art, community, history and food that are all so beautifully consumed in the stories of wine growers, winemakers and their produce. It gives me energy to be surrounded by people who are passionate about creating something that comes from the land and are dedicated to beliefs that align with yours. 

Lis: How does sustainability play a part in your day to day routines?

Liv: I like to think that sustainability now drives my routines, with that in mind first, I can then decide what it is I truly need. I avoid plastic or anything single use. Anything that I can buy in bulk or reusable packing is a big one. Waste just generally scares me. I like to make my own cleaning products to avoid chemicals. Food is a big one for me and sourcing food from organic producers (certified or not!) is very important. If this is not possible, I’m always looking for the option that supports small businesses and not buy into large companies and supermarkets. I don’t believe I will ever be truly sustainable until I am able to give back to the environment more than what I take. 

Lis: What are your hopes for the future?

Liv: My hopes are that we, as a human collective, can find a way to solve big problems that will affect our future relating to the environment. I think this last 12 months has taught us that we don’t need much to enjoy simple moments in life. My hope is that we can revert to practices that are slower on humans and on the land. That we can find a different pace in life, get our way out of social media and simply live. 


Lis: How was the shoot for you?

Dom: It was really empowering. I never thought I'd allow myself to be photographed in underwear, especially after having two babies. But I've just hit a major fitness goal and feeling better about my body, so it was a great time to test my confidence.

Lis: What do you love and value most about Gabby and Liv?

Dom: I love that we are all so unique, such different people, but always find common ground and love spending time with each other. We influence each other so much in our lives in little ways.

Lis: What’s your favourite thing about Maddie?

Dom: Her cheeky smile, she's becoming her own little person more and more every day. She has so much love and laughter within her and loves to spread that to everyone she is with. She completes our family!

Lis: What does self care look like for you?

Dom: A face mask, heat pack and a closed door for some peace at the end of the day. Anything I can do for myself is a real treat, but I really look forward to taking 15 mins out of the day to sit and relax! It helps me centre myself after a busy day, and I love feeling like I'm at a day spa, even briefly!

Lis: Your work as a cake maker is so incredible (and delicious). What do you love about your work?

Dom: I love that every cake is different so I've always got something new and exciting to work on, and I love that I get to be a part of someone's exciting celebration. Gender reveals are my favourite, I love being a secret keeper for a life changing moment for expecting parents. It's always rewarding hearing people exclaim in delight when I bring their visions to life in cake form!

Lis: How does sustainability play a part in your day to day routines?

Dom: I'm not perfect, but always try my best! The main things I can focus on as an individual are using bulk products to save on packaging. I fill up all my cleaning products, personal care products and loads of dry pantry goods. So much plastic can be saved from one household alone by just filling up your existing containers! Also as my girls grow, I always look for ways to recycle their things, clothes/toys/books etc all go to the women's shelter where they can be used immediately by people in need.

Lis: What are your hopes for the future?

Dom: I want to live a long and happy life surrounded by my family and friends. I want to travel again one day, which seems so far off now but hopefully the world can come back together soon. I want my girls to grow up in a world that accepts them for whoever they choose to be, and want to see them find joy in their lives in any way they choose to.