NICO at Home with Magda





We sat down with Magda after the shoot for a chat:

LIS: What I loved about this shoot and spending time here, was the fact that you are a mum and are handling it so calmly and cooly. What have you learnt about being a mum over the past few years?

MAGDA: Oh god, I think when I finally learnt that no one knows what they’re doing, it just took such a weight off my shoulders. It’s just improvising and I think there’s no right or wrong. Every baby’s different. Going into it I don’t think I knew that. So I’ve just learnt to take it day by day.

LIS: Have you found having a bit of a community around you, to interact with other mums has helped?

MAGDA: Absolutely. When I was pregnant with Story, I joined a “Due in May 2014” online group, which turned into a Facebook group of about sixty women across Australia. Three years later they’re still my biggest support. That kind of anonymous support, which has become less anonymous as we catch up, is so great. And through that I learnt how important it was to reach out to other mums face to face. And I’ve grown in confidence. Like today I met a mum at ballet and we were talking about catching up for a park date. It gives you a reason to reach out.

LIS: That’s really nice. I love that idea of women looking out for other women.

MAGDA: Yeah you have to, because it can be quite isolating and quite lonely if you don’t have a network.

LIS: For sure. We talked a little bit before about having a career and having kids and finding that balance. What’s it been like for you?

MAGDA:  For me, I feel if I do a good job of being a great mum then if I have a job that I enjoy, I don't mind if my career comes second to my family - for the time being, anyway. That’s how I feel about career at the moment. And I think as they grow up, that will change perhaps.

LIS: I’ve had so many people say that actually. That having kids is the most fulfilling thing that you can ever do.

MAGDA: I guess that’s what it is, I feel fulfilled. So now I can do whatever I want!

LIS: I know you have a bit of a background in fashion and design, did you find that your own personal style and the way that you dress changed a bit since having kids?

MAGDA: Oh totally. It’s funny because for a while I didn’t know what I liked anymore. But now I’m just embracing the mum uniform. I just wear T-shirts, sneakers, I have a rotation of jeans and that works for me. It’s practical for what my life entails, it’s comfortable and I can still feel trendy enough in a casual way. So things have become a lot more casual.

LIS: I know what you mean. I’m not even a mum, but I feel like I’m already there! For me comfort is a really big part of being confident.

MAGDA: I feel that translate across everything that you wear, and you see it on the street. You can see the people who feel really great, they look really great because they feel confident.

LIS: And it’s not actually about a particular style or a particular garment, it’s about how they feel when they put something on.

MAGDA: Totally. Even before the babies, I have always wanted to look effortless, but I could only do that if I was feeling what I was wearing, you know?

LIS: For sure. I loved that you were talking earlier about how your body has changed having kids and how you feel like that’s actually such a beautiful thing. The story that your body tells now and the purpose that it fulfils.

MAGDA: It’s true. When you’re pregnant, you watch your body change so much, especially the first time it’s all so new. I remember coming home from the hospital, Story was two days old, and I was standing in front of the mirror and I thought, “I could go get into a bikini right now and I’d feel fine.” My body didn’t look as good as it did before, but I just felt like I was just owning it. From that day forward I’ve become really proud of what my body’s done and with that has come confidence. I’ve kind of let go of the things that used to worry me. By no means am I totally stoked by everything, and there’s definitely an adjustment to the new body, but overall, I just don’t care as much as I did about stretch marks and saggy boobs.

LIS: I think it’s a really amazing transition.

MAGDA: Yeah it is amazing. I’m really proud that my body gave me these gorgeous kids - you’ve got to be thankful.