NICO at Home With Neridah Twist

Neridah Twist wears the NICO Climate Action Now TeeNeridah Twist wears the NICO Climate Action Now Tee

How was the shoot for you?

I shot the product over a few days at home with my family in northern NSW. My boyfriend was shooting me around the house, at my favourite beaches, and with my niece picking blueberries in the yard. I have to admit, I was slightly nervous about shooting underwear as I’m pretty conservative on my instagram but as soon as I received the product, I felt so good in it. The fit and feel of everything is so amazing. From someone who never wears bras because I find them so uncomfortable, I am happy to say I’ve found the perfect fit in the basic triangle. 

What does self care look like for you?

I feel the most at peace when I’m by the ocean. An ocean swim fixes most things for me. Walking is also hugely important for my mental state. It’s definitely a lot harder to get my steps in during the winters in New York though. More recently in the last few years I started writing down three things I’m grateful for and how I’m feeling every morning. It helps me put things into perspective when I’m feeling homesick or down. Eating good quality food is also huge for me, it's definitely an adjustment coming from Australia to New York when it comes to food. I am a lot more cautious of what I put into my body here. Australian produce is something I definitely took for granted growing up. Finally, it's getting off instagram. I’m learning more and more when to switch off and reset. 

NICO at Home with Neridah TwistNICO at Home with Neridah Twist

How does sustainability play a role in your daily routines?

I definitely focus a lot more than I did on my consumption and the idea of buying well once, and having pieces that I’ll keep forever. Now, if I’m buying something I try to look for it second hand, see if I have something that already does the same thing and if not, give it some time to see if I really do need it. When it comes to my house, I’m still learning every day how to be more sustainable. I use my reusable water bottle and coffee cup and always recycle. I try to not use single-use plastic whenever I can but there’s definitely always room for improvement.

We see elements of luxurious minimalism in your style. What inspires your creative work?

I love summer and it’s forever my inspiration. I also live in a way where I believe less is more. My house is warm and inviting but everything has its place. I don’t like clutter and that reflects how I work and how I dress. I think there’s nothing worse than someone's clothes wearing them, as opposed to the person wearing their clothes. When I style I really try to show the beauty of the model’s personality and the natural landscape around them, not just a lot of loud clothing. 

How does Australian culture influence your NYC lifestyle? 

I moved to New York when I was 23 and I’m now 29. When I moved I was so obsessed with New York and the fast paced lifestyle it gives you. As I’ve gotten older I’ve realised how deeply the Australian way of life is ingrained in me. It’s almost frowned upon in this industry to take time off to sit and enjoy life for a bit but every time I go home over Christmas I’m reminded how important it is to take that time and be with family. Australians are really good about that work/life balance. 

Neridah Twist wears The Basics Triangle Bra and Mid Rise Brief with a long sleeve shirt.NICO at Home with Neridah Twist.NICO at Home with Neridah Twist