NICO at Home with Scarlett Stevens photographed by Olivia Senior

Scarlett Stevens for NICOScarlett Stevens for NICOScarlett Stevens for NICOScarlett Stevens for NICOScarlett Stevens for NICO

How was the shoot for you?

Having your photo taken in lingerie makes for a very intimate and vulnerable exchange but luckily Olivia always brings so much love and kindness to what she does, I always feel at ease and comfortable in my skin. There’s a deep understanding of one another that comes from years of shooting together which really shows in the imagery. 


What does self care look like for you?

I think if the last 18 months have shown us anything it’s that the greatest acts of self care are not always to do with oneself but rather how we treat those around us. For me self care means getting vaccinated to protect the ones I love and those who are most vulnerable in the community. 


What do you do for leisure?

Dance, stretch, eat delicious food, read books, go to the pub, get dressed up!


How does sustainability play a role in your daily routines?

I’m no expert when it comes to sustainability, however, I am conscious of minimising waste through not over consuming wherever possible, that includes shopping second-hand and buying quality items you will hopefully cherish forever!  

I definitely believe in the power of the people, if we make more mindful choices, we can reduce our environmental impact. 


As the drummer for San Cisco you're working in a really male dominated industry? Any tips for navigating this kind of space?

I think having a strong sense of self is so important and knowing your boundaries so you can better advocate for yourself and others. Lately I’ve been putting the onus back on the men around me to stand up to inequality and reflect on such issues so they don’t just become ‘women’s issues’.  It sucks that we still have to worry about sexism and misogyny in this industry but I am hopeful things will continue to change.