NICO at Home with Sophie & Rumi


Rumi’s favourite food?

Mum’s milk! Though has licked a mango and seemed quite intrigued.

Rumi’s favourite game?
Airplane and being chucked in the air (we have a little daredevil on our hands).
My most memorable Mum moment?  
Holding her for the first time, it truly felt like there couldn’t possibly be a more euphoric feeling.
My favourite thing about this kid?
Her love for the outdoors, nothing is more comforting to her than a cuddle under a good tree, except for maybe a thumb suck.

Best advice for Mum’s to be?
Slow down and lap every second up, it goes by in the blink of an eye. And make sure you reserve at least a little bit of time for you, no matter what you use it for.