Introducing NICO Socks

A little while ago, I came across the story of some clever people in Bangladesh who are doing some really cool things. Clothing production is a big industry in Bangladesh, and as a result, textile waste that ends up in landfill is a big problem. These guys have developed some really innovative technology to be able to reuse textile waste and recycle it into new cotton fibres. The recycled cotton is high quality and lovely and soft to wear, and it's really well suited to socks.

They are also signatories to the Bangladesh Fire and Safety Accord (the compliance system that was developed in the wake of the Rana Plaza tragedy), compliant with BSCI and certified with WRAP which is all a great indication of their commitment to safe and fair conditions for their workers.

I knew straight away I wanted to work with them and over time we've collaborated to develop a range of Basic NICO socks which we're so happy to share with you today.

Lis xx

Shoes by Belmore and Post Sole Studio.

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