Lis interviewed on Anthroprospective

"It’s something we discovered really early on in the brand and it came from thoughts I had myself but also discussions we had with customers, that what we think is sexy has always been to some degree influenced by the lingerie world and the sorts of underwear that is available for us.

Ideals of sexiness have been portrayed and photographed with a male gaze in mind, so this process has created images of what it means to be desirable.

I think as women we have in some ways unconsciously, but now, consciously created our own imagery from a women’s gaze which I think promotes the idea that to be sexy you have to be comfortable, you have to be yourself and confidence is what’s really sexy rather than a push up bra that you’re actually really uncomfortable in."

Read the full interview here.

Images by Courtney Boag - Anthroprospective.

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