NICO at Home with Madeleine Chard

How did you enjoy creating the NICO at Home content?

Creating in my space with my family is what I love most, so I felt right at home (literally) - even while wearing nothing but underwear!

It also gave me an excuse to get out of my husbands oversized tracksuits which is a rare sight, and capture my growing belly in its full glory. 

What does self-care look like for you?

Juggling kids and a business means there isn’t a lot of “me time” which is something I am trying to work on prioritising more. My approach to self-care is I guess more about being kinder to myself and embracing the chaos of life in this messy stage verse more physical more beauty focused practices like face masks etc.

Work life balance is an ongoing struggle for me. I need a creative outlet and work is that for me – I love it! So much so that I find it hard to switch off. Being “on” all the time is exhausting and not sustainable so setting personal boundaries is super important for me so I can try to be present in every moment. 

It's about listening to my body and noticing when I am starting to feel overwhelmed or pulled in too many directions, and then making an effort to slow down, even just for a few hours. Whether that’s just laying on the couch watching movies, pottering around the house, op shopping, or spending time with a friend - I try and do things that bring me joy and will help me rest and reset, and I try do them without the guilt (easier said than done!).

NICO at Home with Madeleine ChardNICO at Home with Madeleine ChardNICO at Home with Madeleine ChardNICO at Home with Madeleine Chard

How does sustainability play a role in your daily routines?

Something we have been working on in terms of sustainability is living with less - not overspending, buying wisely and consciously. We have also started to research the things we are consuming so we can make better, healthier choices for us and the planet. We have always bought primarily second hand when it comes to our home and wardrobes, however, have struggled with over consuming and are always working hard to decrease this by only investing in what we truly need – again, a work in progress!

Your work with The Authentik is so full of creativity and inspiration. What is your approach to curating that space?

The authentik is my recently relaunched Lifestyle Platform and Creative Agency. It’s a home for ideas and inspiration – endeavouring to make the imagination flourish in the everyday. 

For me, my work and personal interests are intertwined and all stem from a place of creativity, integrity & authenticity. Across my wardrobe, home, lifestyle or whatever creative scenario I can immerse myself in, they all share a down to earth yet meticulous approach and aesthetic. I like to think of myself as a modern-day hunter and gatherer, filtering the meaningful from the maelstrom, searching only for the things that speak directly to my soul and bringing them to life in whatever shape or form that may be.

I’m inspired by real people and am a self-confessed ‘people watcher’ wondering what’s behind the faces I see on the street – what’s their story? Are they a cat or dog person? I just feel there is so much to learn from one another and by collaborating and getting to know like-minded people who know a thing or two about a thing or two, we can awkwardly smile, hold hands and stumble through this thing called life together. 

 The authentik is a considered curation of everything I love – it’s modern, colourful, eclectic, and although somewhat refined, doesn’t take itself too seriously. It’s an extension of me and what brings me joy – and I hope to bring some of that joy to others too! 

NICO at Home with Madeleine ChardNICO at Home with Madeleine ChardNICO at Home with Madeleine Chard

You have two beautiful kids and one more on the way! What’s your favourite thing about being a mother?

Waking up every morning seeing my girls smiling faces, cuddles in bed, seeing them grow and develop their own little (or should I say big) personalities, laughing and having fun together, discovering and nurturing their interests and feeling proud of who they are.

Although being a parent can be super challenging at times, they just bring so much joy and happiness and show you the true meaning of unconditional love every day. They give you perspective and teach you to stop and appreciate the little things, giving clarity to what is truly important in life. 

What are you working on right now?

Besides working on growing another human (lol), I have been really enjoying creating content and campaigns for some of my favourite clients and brands, assisting my husband with his new studio/ events space Hiatus, plus working on a few new articles for The authentik - stay tuned! 

NICO at Home with Madeleine ChardNICO at Home with Madeleine Chard


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