NICO at Home with Mylee

Photos by Kiri Hance.

NICO at Home with Mylee Grace - lying on bed playing guitar

How was the shoot for you?
I loved shooting this with good friend and photographer Kiri Hance. Kiri and I know how to laugh hard together.  I love that we can see the humour in everything, especially how awkward I can be in front of the camera! We shot these images in my home on a bit of a dark day so Kiri used flash for most shots and a mix of 35mm film and digital.

What does self-care look like for you?
Self care is an ever evolving journey for me. Over the years I’ve felt called to care for myself in the form of body and energy work. I’ve needed this at different times in my life, sometimes more than others. Personally at present, self care is about developing clear communication and boundaries which in turn assists me with avoiding burn out, which I'm prone to! I'm also learning to balance fun times with gentle discipline and adding guilt free rest when I need it.

NICO at Home with Mylee Grace NICO at Home with Mylee Grace

How does sustainability play a role in your daily routines?
This is something that is constantly on my mind. I read a recent claim that there could be more plastic in the sea than fish by 2050, which is terrifying.
Showing the kids we care about the environment by example is so important.
Ways I do this is Sunday bake day for lunch box treats and grocery shopping at the places where there’s less packaging. Not missing the local farmers market is a big one! Sitting in a cafe to drink a coffee if I've forgotten my keep cup is also a good way to slow down. I mainly shop pre-loved and if I'm going to purchase a new garment it has to be something I'm in love with and I'll cherish. The Piece has to be quality and last the distance so I can pass it onto someone else when I'm done with it. Buying from ethical brands is key and it's good to see there is more awareness around this now.

Between making music and being a mother, what does a typical day look like for you?
In the past being a mother has typically taken up more of my headspace and time than music; however I’m consciously working on balancing the two (and everything else).
Every day I'll do something that invites my creativity to flow. For example, after getting the kids off to school, if I can, I'll surf, walk or write something. (Even if what I write is garbage, I tried) I don't always have creative inspiration however, as long as I've made space for it to come in that's enough.

NICO at Home with Mylee Grace

It feels like your work explores the intersection between music and nature, what is it about these themes that fascinate you, and is the natural world reflected in your creative pursuits?
Nature and music go hand in hand for me. When I’m walking, I hear the melody of the bush. Nature can assist me in getting clarity around something and it's always schooling me. Kind of like a parent. Nature is sometimes peaceful and sometimes chaotic. Sometimes hard to handle and sometimes the only thing I can bear. The power it has over us to 'feel' is what fascinates me. I humanise nature because it's like another one of my limbs. The other day my daughter said to me " Humans need nature more than it needs us " this perspective totally made me think about the level of care and respect we need to show our environment. Nature gives us so much but it needs to be a two way street. Just like a healthy relationship.

Tell us about something you're working on that’s inspiring you right now?
I’m working on a music video for a track off my latest album “ Whiplash in the Moshpit. “ The album was released in November 2021 and it's fun continuing to develop the visual aspect of the songs with the support of some talented humans. The new clip should be out in the coming months alongside some live shows.

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