NICO at Home with Shanae Duncan

NICO at Home with Shanae Duncan

How did you enjoy creating the NICO at Home content?

I had lots of fun! It was a combination of capturing everyday moments wearing my NICO, as well as an opportunity to get creative shooting around the house. This was easy to do as I’ve been living in these pieces since I got my hands on them, soo comfortable!

NICO at Home with Shanae DuncanNICO at Home with Shanae DuncanNICO at Home with Shanae Duncan

What does self-care look like for you? A mixture of journaling out any icky feelings, a yummy home cooked meal, time alone & connecting with loved ones, oh and a little hot yoga. Self-care looks different for me all the time, but I always fall back onto these things if I'm feeling a little off.

How does sustainability play a role in your daily routines? I'm endlessly trying to educate myself and be better with my sustainability journey. For me it mostly comes down to shopping small, locally and second hand before buying new! Being selective with what I own and loving things till they fall apart.

NICO at Home with Shanae Duncan

To us, your art is so colourful and playful- how would you describe your aesthetic? Does that influence other aspects of your life? Thank You! I would describe my practice as very playful and vibrant. My aesthetic has stayed pretty consistent throughout the last few years although it's been fun to watch it transform into new mediums, such as ceramics! It’s been cool to turn my work into something more functional such as a vase or plate adding a little colour and excitement into everyday objects.

NICO at Home with Shanae DuncanNICO at Home with Shanae Duncan

Tell us about something you're working on that’s inspiring you right now? This year has been such a big push creatively, but one project I'm super excited about is my first ever Solo Exhibition titled 'Florescence' at Sure Studio late November! Inspired by growth of all forms this exhibition is a messy, very experimental expression of self, and a product of the last year mentally. It's a mixture of recent ceramics, oil paintings, and some re-visited digital works. It’s been so rewarding working towards a project again, I’m very excited! 

NICO at Home with Shanae Duncan

View Shanae's work on her instagram here.

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