Scarlett Stevens

It was such a pleasure to collaborate with Scarlett Stevens of San Cisco for our Winter campaign. The campaign was shot in and around NICO founder Lis' home during San Cisco's Australian tour at the end of last year. 

Scarlett is a sweetheart, a crazy talented musician and a style icon. We picked her brain on all things fashion and music:

Fashion and music have always had a reciprocal influence on each other and we’re huge fans of your style in San Cisco. How do you incorporate fashion into your work?

"Thank you! There are so many visual aspects of being in band, from performing to working on photo shoots and video clips, to making merchandise and creating album artwork, where I get to lend my artistic direction and style. I love dressing up as much as I love performing and making music. I’m constantly collecting and researching references for upcoming projects with the band. I’m also a bit of a vintage nut! Most of my outfits incorporate vintage pieces I have found in my travels or have been handed down to me from my Mum. I love that I get to combine my passion for music and fashion in my work."

Why is sustainability an important consideration in the clothing we wear?

"Given the devastating impact of the fashion industry on our planet, now more than ever, it is so important to be conscious of where we shop and what we buy. When it comes to my spending habits I always try and buy vintage, occasionally I’ll splurge on an investment piece, something I hope to have forever. There are brands that are my go-to for basics, like Nico! I think it’s so important to support local Australian brands wherever possible. Overall, we just need to buy less. Not everyone has the money to invest in slow fashion and I think that the messaging should be more about buying less, buying quality and holding onto your clothes for as long possible."

What do you hope for in the future of the fashion industry?

"I think transparency and inclusivity are going to be so important for the fashion industry to remain relevant. I hope the movement we are seeing now with Black Lives Matter is going to bring much needed positive and sustained change to the industry. Something that really resonated with me recently was a quote I read about how brands can’t truly be sustainable without diversity and equality at the forefront of their practises. It is so important BIPOC communities and marginalised groups are valued and heard. This is going to be crucial for the fashion industry moving forward."


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