When We Meet - A Visual Anthology of the Body in Space

WHEN WE MEET is a collaborative exhibition between 
Lis Harvey of NICO and Cassie Kowitz.

The work is showing at The Third Quarter Gallery in Brisbane from 3-8 Nov alongside a retail pop up space and can also be viewed online. 

If in Brisbane, join us on the opening night Saturday 3rd Nov. All are welcome.



This collection of photographic and video works traces the somatic qualities that shape the ‘meeting space,’ as a crossover between self and environment.

WHEN WE MEET embraces the ordinariness of the body in motion, and through a process of slowing down, underscores irregular shapings of the body; falling, floating, interacting, disappearing and rotating, within the vastness of space. 

These works illuminate the exquisite sensitivity of the individual truly meeting space - allowing for a gentle and playful visual reflection of stillness expressed in motion.


Saturday Nov 3 & Sunday Nov 4
10am - 10pm, BAR OPEN

Opening Saturday Nov 3
Showing Until Thursday Nov 8

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