NICO at Home with Albie & Sarah

Albie’s favourite food?

Does tomato sauce count? He’d eat it all day if I wasn’t looking. Albie loves a good quiche, any flavour, any time of the day. Thank goodness. It’s the only way to get some veges into him.

Albie’s favourite game?

Peekaboo is a solid favourite. But following an afternoon with NICO founder Lis, his close second is ‘one tickly toe, two tickly toes...’

My most memorable Mum moment

Watching Albie, as a tiny newborn just minutes old, somehow finding his way to latch and breastfeed. It was a once in a lifetime first for both of us and it was pretty magical. Otherwise, it’s all the little moments rolled into one. I love waking up to his sleepy face in the morning and comparing hand sizes - the quiet moments we share to start our day.

My favourite thing about this kid

His sense of humour, already. He’s super shy so no one outside the family knows him well, but he’s really funny. He’ll sneak up on me and play boo, or only say mum when we try and get him to say dad. I mean sure, it’s not so sophisticated, but it’s his way of making us laugh and I love it.

Best advice for mums to be

Have zero expectations of what this wild ride will hold. It’s not up to you. It totally depends on your child. I finally succumbed to this following 7 months of relentless sleep training. Love your child for who they are and what makes them unique. And go to all the dinners you can possibly squeeze in now. Before you can’t.