NICO at Home with Leecee

Lis: A photoshoot in your underwear can be a daunting idea. How did you find the experience?

Leecee: I was a little nervous at first but felt comfortable soon enough! The colours, material and cuts are so soft and cosy. It was so lovely to spend time with Lis talking art, photography and processes of dying materials. I have been doing some natural dying recently, so it’s beautiful and inspiring to wear the fabrics which have been dyed with natural fibres!

Lis: What does self care look like for you?

Leecee: Weaving, baths, face masks, candles and stretches!

Lis: Your art encompasses the most incredible traditional weaving techniques. How did you come to learn these processes?

Leecee: Mum teaches and shares with me techniques and materials. We have also participated in many weaving circles with women, yarning and learning over the years. We also teach ourselves through researching and experimenting.

Lis: Your work also often involves collaboration with your family and draws on your Indigenous heritage. How important is this aspect of collaboration?

Leecee: The process of collaboration plays a significant role in the work I make and how I see and think. Making together and sharing is a way we can keep our stories alive for future generations.

Lis: I love the way that so many of your works incorporate found materials. Why are you drawn to these materials?

Leecee: I am drawn to the materials I work with for their strength and resilience. Whether I am working with natural materials or discarded, repurposed fibres, these materials all have a story and have survived harsh conditions.

Lis: What do you hope for in 2021?

Leecee: 2020 taught me the importance of slowing down and take time for myself, research, art and being grounded - I hope to take these learnings into 2021!