Daisy photographed by her Mum Natalie

Daisy's favourite food
Hot chips! She is a seagull. But truly, no food (and no one) is safe when she is around.
Daisy’s favourite game
Daisy LOVES being a dinosaur. We think she is a T-Rex because she is not very good at sneaking, and let’s everyone know how big her roar is as she runs up and down our hallway daily!
My most memorable mum moment
Just recently Dais has started saying ‘mama, I luff you’ which makes my heart melt, and I forgive her for that tantrum she had a minute ago (flashback to that time when Elinor took her jumper off so Daisy wanted to take her jumper off BUT SHE WASN’T WEARING A JUMPER! How do you reason with that?? *face palm*)

My favourite thing about this kid
Definitely her fearlessness. Even though it might send me grey, I love seeing her ride down a hill on her trike with her legs in the air, go down slides backwards and rough house with her dad. We always say she is a child of summer because she has had such a carefree life, and I feel very very grateful for that.

Best advice for mums to be
Oh man, there’s so much advice out there I think my advice would be not to seek out advice on the internet - forums are a blackhole of worry! Lean on your people, whether that be your family, friends or a local mother’s group. Some things that got me through those first few blurry months were meals from my mum, joining a pilates studio that had a creche, and river walks with another new mum that often resulted in an afternoon wine.
Can I have a second piece of advice even though I was anti-advice a second ago? Start an email account for your kiddo and email them photos you take, little stories and updates on their life so when they are old enough they can log in and have a virtual time capsule!

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