Fashion Revolution Week 2022

Money Fashion Power is the theme for this year's Fashion Revolution Week, and it's an important reminder to reflect on our company values of kindness and respect, and what actions we are taking to live up to them.
When choosing who we work with in our supply chain, it's never been a matter of choosing the lowest bidder. We seek out like minded partners who share our ethos of manufacturing with respect for people and planet, and with whom we can establish an honest dialogue. Communication is key and we are looking for long term relationships where we can achieve an equal balance of power. Relationships that are mutually beneficial and where we grow together.
We have worked with our production manager Rajesh for 4 years now. With your help and support, he opened his own small factory in Tirupur, India last year - we grew together.
We have a relationship based on honest dialogue and respect for people and planet, but for full assurance for our customers, we commissioned a GOTS audit of the factory to provide guarantees of a safe and fair work environment. The factory was awarded GOTS certification in December last year.
Please enjoy this series of photos taken at the factory by documentary photographer Sameer Raichur.

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