NICO at Home with Bridget Hollitt photographed by Olivia Senior


Lis: How was the shoot for you?

Bridget: Such a dream. We woke up early to get the morning light, got coffees, played Jorja Smith and talked shit while playing around in the morning sunshine. I’ve never felt more comfortable than I do when I shoot with Liv.

Lis: What do you love about Olivia?

Bridget: Liv is one of the most blisteringly loving people I’ve ever met. I felt instantly trusting of her as soon as we met. We’ve only met in person twice but she loves so generously it’s impossible not to feel close to her. Her heart is as strong as her mind is brilliant.

Lis: What does self care look like for you?

Bridget: Minimising distraction, quieting the noise. Touching my body, breathing deep. Candles and sunshine and turning off my phone. Baths. Writing. Singing.

Lis: You have a passion for sustainability in the fashion space. Was there a particular experience that sparked this interest?

Bridget: This interest comes of wanting to be a part of things that are good for or at least progressing towards being good for the world. The fashion industry is not one of those things and I’ve been a part of it for almost 10 years. The least we can do is put our energy and focus on brands that are striving in the right direction.

Regenerative models inspire me more than anything. To me sustainability is a helpful metaphor for all areas of life - where can we strip back, create less waste, simplify our energy systems, not have energy leaks? Where in life can we do less and gain more?

Lis: What do you hope the future of fashion looks like?

Bridget: I hope there’s a big community of brands sharing information on the right farms, the right processes; how to streamline processes. I’d like it to be a bit more collaborative and less competitive. I’d like to see more advertising on the basis of beautiful ideas, moods and energies, and less selling a luxury life or an idea of status based on financial elitism. More ¡life! less bullshit.


Lis: How was the shoot for you?

Olivia: The shoot was fun and easy going. I love taking portraits of someone in their home space, it feels really natural, it’s also an honour.

This shoot in particular was extra special because the last time I physically hung out with B was in her New York apartment in Nolita. We had only just met and we were prancing around her home taking photos, getting to know each other and laughing. Years go by – and a few FaceTimes later – and we find ourselves in the same position but in her Sydney apartment in Bondi, shooting for Nico.

B's room features big square windows that sit opposite her bed.

I had come off a plane from Perth the night before we decided to take some photos together, so we woke up to the early morning sun the windows went from blue to yellow as the sun rose – it was very inspiring for us.

Lis: What do you love about Bridget?

Olivia: I love her mind and her spirit; her inner being. Our souls intrinsically interconnect with each other, like we’ve always known one another, although we’re physically a part, we are on a similar journey and pathway in life together.

I really cherish her.

Lis: What does self care look like for you?

Olivia: Doing what makes me feel comfortable.

Lis: Your photographic work is so beautiful and you have such a gorgeous way of capturing women and celebrating femininity. What do you enjoy most about photographing women?

Olivia: Thank you.

I enjoy all forms of connection.

Being able to connect deeply through photography is really special to me. You make friends and art simultaneously.

Lis: What are you working on now?

Olivia: I actually just sent B some photos I took in isolation for her zine Anomaly.

When the world first heard about Covid-19 I was in Gracetown, WA. It became a really important time and place for me. It taught me to slow down and I was able to notice all the intricate subtleties of life. It made me question the notion of home.

Concurrently, B was creating a zine called Anomaly. She asked if I wanted to be a part of her home series.

Fast forward to now and the images are being used. I love print. I’m excited to see how she works and weaves my photos into her zine.

I’m working on a few other projects, but mainly on being myself.


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