NICO at Home with Sarah

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LIS: Thanks for being a part of this series. How did you find the experience of the photoshoot?

SARAH: My absolute pleasure. Lis!... You’re a true master of your craft. This whole experience was organic, fluid and honestly felt a little like we were just hanging out - except I was in my underwear lol. What I loved most about this shoot is how you didn’t want me posing. I had no conscious thought of positioning my body for you to get an 'ideal' angle - you encouraged a fluidity that meant you captured me in a truly natural state. This is so rare in shoots I’ve been a part of. It’s really refreshing and I think an important lens on capturing the female form.

LIS: From my perspective the shoot felt so lovely and relaxed and I loved how comfortable you are in your own (gorgeous!) skin. It’s something we spoke about during the shoot how you’ve consciously embraced who you are and your body which I think is just so cool. What are your thoughts around self love and how to approach it?

SARAH: Thank you! I am really comfortable in my own skin. It wasn’t always that way but there was a full circle effect that when I started taking really good care of my body, I loved it more. There is a line I dance with my body, between the acceptance of it's natural form and the ability to keep pushing its limits. Body is a big pillar I focus on in terms of gym, moving my body, dance and what I put into my body- and ON my body for that matter! Natural and organic all the way. In terms of self love, I’ve found 2 main roads to approach it. The micro are the small things we can do daily as an act of love to ourselves - our choices in food, exercise, our media input & how we feed our mind, connecting with wise people, and learning to crush the inner critic. The macro, which I believe is the most powerful - is to focus on what you’re bringing to the world. Work out why you’re here, who you want to become, surround yourself with great people and solve a problem in the world. When you start seeing those results coming to life - it’s challenging not to sit a little more aligned in who you are.

LIS: So right now you’re studying psychology with the intention of specialising in sexology. Can you explain a bit about what sexology is and why you are interested in it?

SARAH: Sexology is the scientific study of human sexuality. Relationships are my main focus and sex is such a huge element of this. I’m intrigued by how we relate, build connection, sustain it over time, how desire plays out in relationships and the element of pleasure. But I'm also intrigued by the taboo that can surround sex & pleasure. My mission is empowering men and women to come alive in their relationships, embrace pleasure and own their desires.

LIS: With so much ambition your life is busy! How do you stay grounded?

SARAH: Honestly what keeps me grounded is the fact that I'm out doing what I need to do. Regardless of whether things are moving at the pace I would desire, there's a sense of responsibility around the body of work I'm building and what needs to be done. I'm my most grounded self when I'm honing my craft. -

LIS: Favourite way to relax?

SARAH: A Sunday morning breakfast with my fiancé or a massage. I LOVE massages.

LIS: What are you reading at the moment?

SARAH: I’m re-reading A Man's Search for Meaning, by Viktor Fankl. This book moves me.

LIS: We also chatted a bit during the shoot about your recent engagement (congrats!). What do you feel is the key to a successful relationship?

SARAH: Thank you! I’m so grateful for my man. At it’s core I think there are 4 main ingredients - Play, Respect, Love & Evolution. Respect - You have to be willing to let your partner walk their own path & respect their choices. But at the crux - you have to truly respect who they are. Love - Perhaps obvious. But in my work, you’d be surprised how many people’s love comes with conditions and unspoken expectations. Love from a place of virtue is always more powerful. Growth - You’ve got to be willing to shed skins and keep evolving together. You won’t be the same people in 5 years that you are now - so set yourselves up to win by embracing change. Seek it. Play - Man, if you just do one thing - do this. Bring out the inner child. Connect. Keep it real. Make love. Embrace pleasure. Laugh so hard it hurts and enjoy each other. Because this is all impermanent. Above all of that sits the importance of knowing your values, standards & having a clear vision for your relationship. Relationships are work, and they’re ultimately rewarding if you put in the work. You also need to have a solid base of negotiation. Over the lifetime of a relationship, you're going to negotiate a whole landscape of things. Learning this skill early on in your relationship can set you up to win.

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