NICO at Home with Savina

Lis: A photoshoot in your underwear can be a daunting idea. How did you find the experience?

Savina: I found the idea of this photoshoot exciting. I spend a large chunk of my time at home in underwear, but it was definitely a little nerve wracking having a camera around at first! Over the last few years I have really embraced the woman figure and challenged our society's idea of what it should look like and how it should move - which comes with both its physical and mental challenges. You really helped the process feel fun, light, enjoyable - and very me! The vibrant pastel colours of the underwear also helped 🌈

Lis: What does self care look like for you?

Savina: As of late, cooking wholesome meals and fermenting food- I find it extremely therapeutic! Working up a sweat, mostly through a dance or at a barre class; or going on a nature walk or camping and taking photos on my film camera (mostly of trees and flowers). Spending quality time with my partner and pup; but having enough time doing absolutely nothing on my own is essential. Pottering around in the garden and a coffee or meal with friends. Catching up on what's going on around me politically but also completely disconnecting from the socials - yes, those are complete opposites - I suppose that's the gemini in me! 

Lis: Tell us a bit about your work and how you balance the challenging side of it with the rewarding side?

Savina: Working in the social work sector has taught me to look after myself more than anything! Working alongside amazing women with huge hearts and a passion for justice is definitely what gets me through the tough days. Knowing I've made even the tiniest positive difference in someone's day really fills my cup. 

Lis: How does sustainability play a part in your day to day routines?

Savina: I was raised in a somewhat self-sufficient environment growing up in Bulgaria where my grandparents grew most of the food we consumed. Going into my early twenties here in Australia and finding out more about my impact on our climate inspired me to improve the way I was interacting with the world around me. I completed a permaculture course in 2018, which really tied everything up for me and answered so many of my questions. I now naturally question everything I do - from purchases (their source, impact and whether I need them), to travel and functionality. I try to reuse as much as I can and to really just embrace simplicity. Sustainability means balance - being mindful of what waste I leave behind and consuming wisely. 

Lis: What are your hopes for the future of the the planet? 

Savina: I hope for people to be more conscious, self-aware and responsible. I say this from having social justice and equality in mind, to people coming as one to fight toward a climate revolution. The bushfires earlier this year gave me and many around me a big fright and created a sense of urgency within me. I believe we are in a time in history where humanity is creating an environment that isn't safe for us anymore. We need to work towards economic, political and health systems that have a safe and sustainable future, utilising practices that have been around for centuries (such as those you've utilised using natural plant dye for this organic collection!) 

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