Natural Plant Dyes

Our new range of plant dyed organic cotton intimates, loungewear and baby wear sees us take further steps towards environmental sustainability and in our consideration of the welfare of the people who make our clothing. The use of plant dyes eliminates toxic chemicals from our fabric supply chain. This in itself is a technical feat as a lot of natural dyers will still use chemicals for some parts of the dyeing process. Our team has spent the past 16 years honing their craft and are totally dedicated to a completely chemical free process. 

It's also a really important step forward in our consideration for you! Natural, plant dyes are not only better for the environment, they are also so much better for your skin - an important consideration for the garments worn closest to us. 

Our natural raw materials are known in Ayurvedic medicine (which is practiced widely in the region in India where our dyers live and work) for their medicinal properties. Some of the benefits of the natural ingredients include antiseptic properties, treatment of rashes and regulation of body heat. Benefits for you as the wearer and for all the people in our supply chain who handle the dyes and fabrics. 

You'll find details on each product page about the raw materials used to create each colour. 


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