The Perfect Fit

What does the perfect fit feel like? And how do I get that?

We joined Honor, Bailey, Monica, Madeleine and Priscilla for a virtual bra fitting appointment - a chance to receive expert advice from us (the experts) about all things bra fitting. 

As Priscilla puts it, "there’s no taboo and no off limit questions."

Our bra fitting appointments can help you choose the right style for you, to take measurements to find the right size or a chance to troubleshoot the fit of a bra after you have received it. 

"I think I had a very outdated and traditional idea of what a bra fitting would consist of - which wasn’t the case in this fitting at was so easy, and it all worked, and everything fit." says Honor.

We welcome all people to book a fitting appointment and find their perfect fit. 


Videography by Gemma De Maria.

5 women wearing NICO Organic range in a group portrait.



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