Book a Fitting

We welcome all people to join a one-on-one, private and respectful bra fitting session. Finding the perfect bra fit is a challenge - it’s totally normal!
Our fitting sessions will support you in finding the perfect fit.

Book a fitting:
  • Before purchasing for help with measuring or choosing the right size or style for you (having a measuring tape on hand can be helpful!). 
  • After receiving your order for help with troubleshooting a fit (completely optional to show the fit on video call).
An in-person fitting also has the opportunity to view and try on our entire range. 

We have a hassle-free returns policy to absolutely ensure you’re getting the fit perfect.
The sessions can be either in-person at our Brisbane studio, or virtually via Google Meet, at a time that works for you.

Please note, your booking confirmation may be directed to your email's spam folder. If in doubt, feel free to contact us at
Bookings are in your local time zone. 
Book a complimentary and respectful bra fitting. 5 models of different sizes wear the NICO Organic range.